Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creative ZEN X-Fi questions

Qns: Can we surf the web with the ZEN X-Fi?
Ans: No, there's no in-built browser on the ZEN X-Fi. Furthermore, it would be technically impossible to surf the web on the ZEN X-Fi looking at its navigating controls. Although a worker at the Creative store told me it might be possible soon with a firmware upgrade, I believe he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Qns: How much space does the ZEN X-Fi comes with?
Ans: 30.637GB although mine is a 32GB version. Should I sue?

Qns: Is there really an X-Fi chip in the ZEN X-Fi?
Ans: Creative has never claimed that there's an X-Fi chip in the player and I believe there isn't. As explained below, i think they used a software to emulate the effects of the X-Fi, which worked pretty well IMO.

Qns: Is the ZEN X-Fi louder than the ZEN?
Ans: In my opinion, i think and feel it is :)

Qns: Does the ZEN X-Fi have SD integration?
Ans: Do pigs fly?

Qns: Does the player turn off its speaker when you plug in your earphones?
Ans: Yes. And it automatically turns on the speaker when you plug out the earphones. Best of all, it remembers the volume when you're using the earphones and when you're using your speaker. You can also set your shortcut button to ON/OFF speaker.

Qns: Is the back shell of the X-Fi actually made of metal, or is it just plastic with a shiny paint job?
Ans: It is plastic with a shiny paint job.

Qns: I guess the ZEN X-Fi has the "Extras > Removable Disk" option.. like the Zen right?
Ans: Nope. However, it does act as a MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) removable disk and also as an SD card reader.

Qns: Do you need to install software in order to put music/vids? or is just apears as an external hd?
Ans: The ZEN X-Fi is a MTP device therefore it will appear as an external hard disk. You are able to transfer music, photos (although you cannot automatically re size them as you transfer) and video (it will accept all video, however, if the format is incompatible, it also cannot be played on the ZEN X-Fi). Thus, the installation of Creative Centrale is recommended.

Qns: Youve tried the Xmod, and so have I.. now youve tried the Zen X-Fi.. Is the Zen X-Fi as good as the Xmod ?
Ans: No, the ZEN X-Fi, to me, don't sound as good as the Xmod. Mainly is because with the Xmod, you can control the degree of effect the Crystalizer have on your music while the X-Fi only has ON & MAX.

Qns: Just being sure, X-Fi expand.. same as CMSS 3D rite?
Ans: If the X-Fi expand is the same as CMSS 3D, couldn't they just call it "CMSS 3D"? According to the website: X-Fi CMSS-3D "expands music from your headphones outwards, so that it sounds like you're surrounded by multiple virtual speakers." while the X-Fi Expand "intelligently moves a conventional left/right earphone stereo source away from your ears, virtually expanding it for an audio experience with a breathtakingly realistic depth of field."

Qns: I would like to know if the ZEN X-Fi wireless lan needs an open network or you can use keys, like the WEP ?
Ans: You can use the wireless function of the ZEN X-Fi on both open and secured network (provided you have the WEP for it).

Qns: I have been using iPods and would like to get the player, but was thinking of adding a 16GB card into it, and was wondering how it would affect me if there were no SD card integration.
Ans: The ZEN X-Fi has no SD Card integration. Which means the files on your SD card will not appear in your main library. To access the songs/photos/videos on your SD card, you have to access it in a separate menu. It's just really inconvinient. But do keep in mind that you are able to download the files onto your ZEN X-Fi. So if you want to use the ZEN X-Fi as a storage device for your photos while travelling, it's good enough.

Qns: Kingone, do you think you could compare the sound quality of the Zen X-Fi to another well known DAP? For e.g. the Rio Karma or the newer iPod Classic perhaps? That would be much appreciated!
Ans: Sure. I do not have or know anyone who has a Rio Karma, so i shall compare it with the ipod. Without the X-Fi on, the sound of the ZEN X-Fi sound alittle louder and richer than the iPod. But with the X-Fi on, your bass is so much deeper and the vocals are much clearer. Ok, I might not be very professional sounding here, but all i can tell you is that, with the X-Fi on, the difference is much bigger.

Qns: Can you please explain how easy or difficult is to use the messenger via Wi-fi on the Zen X-Fi, I will really apreciate your answer thanks -
Ans: It's rather difficult to really chat on the ZEN X-Fi, considering the small buttons and the lack of a T9 dictionary that we are already so familiar with. Nevertheless, it is a good to have function that porvides you a quick and easy way to communicate with your friends.

Qns: I wud want to know if the zen is able to read the SD card well enough. Unlike the previous zen. Also cud u tell me if the body is scratch resistant? - Peter
Ans: The SD function on the ZEN X-Fi is almost the same as the ZEN. The back of the palyer is rather scratch resistant. However, because the front of the player is made up of glossy hard plastic, you might want to protect it with a silicon skin or a 2.5" screen protector.

Qns: Would also like to know if the SD card is truly integrated this time. This is what drove me to return my creative zen … it was very annoying not to have it integrated. Additionally - can it read video files that are encoded at resolutions greater then 320×240? Having to recode video was also very annoying on the original zen. I suspect this is still the case on teh X-Fil but hoping it is not. Finally - I can it listen to streamed files over WiFi from any Upnp server or does it have to be creative’s server?? - David
Ans: No, the SD card is not integrated. No, you have to recode your video to 320x240 to make it playable on the ZEN X-Fi. Yes, you can stream files from any Upnp server.

Qns: Anybody know if it’s possible to plug the device to the TV using a cable or somehow ? - Evans
Ans: No, the ZEN X-Fi does not support Video Out, unlike the ZEN Vision series of players.

Qns: How did you get the input to work like a phone? I tried instant messaging with it and I had to navigate using using the arrow keys to the corresponding keypad. - Optimus Prime
Ans: In the chat screen, click on the option button. Once the drop down menu is out, choose text input > keyboard input.

Qns: I love creative Players! Im glad they incorporated WiFi into this one, but they could add a simple text browser or a text and image/html/css web browser and maybe youtube support. that would be awesome. - James
Ans: Haha, me hope so too. Let's hope Creative read this blog and see your request!

Qns: Does it get TV out from the headphone jack as old ipods and zune do? - Leo
Ans: Nope it doesn't.

Qns: I would want to know if you can replace the battery easily.. unlike creative zen M or ipod - Shashank
Ans: No, you can' replace the battery for the ZEN X-Fi.


william said...

Is the back shell of the X-Fi actually made of metal, or is it just plastic with a shiny paint job?

Scott said...

Do pigs fly?

Well crap! I was really hoping they were able to integrate the dual memory spaces into a single contiguous storage area.

Nullgate said...

Xmod does not have an x-fi chip, but it has a dedicated FPGA processor for x-fi. I'd say that I'm rather disappointed if zen X-Fi works as you said.

javoec said...

Nice work with this an the previous articles of the Zen X.Fi!.

I guess it it has the "Extras > Removable Disk" option.. like the Zen right?

Jesse said...

I'd love to know the material they chose for the back casing too. Metal finish on plastic always feels wrong to me, although I suspect that's what this is. :(

Anonymous said...

Do you need to install software in order to put music/vids? or is just apears as an external hd? tia

s0nlxaftrsh0ck said...

im wondering if it's able to store files like a USB Thumb drive or something to that extent. Can it do something of the sort? Because i really liked that function on my ZVM.

Brennus said...

Tranks you for aswering the questions and for the review! =P

Anonymous said...

If I upgrade from a Zen Vision M to the Xfi, can I transfer my audio from the Zen Vision M to the X fi, or do I need to re-rip the CDs into the new device?

s0nlxaftrsh0ck said...

@william plastic shiny paint job kinda thing

@javoec yes it does

@Jesse it definitely doesn't feel like metal so yeah i guess it's just a paint job

@dextert20 you kinda do least the creative central part to install the drivers or else it'll just wind up search your hard drive for the drivers and microsoft driver database. Which it will never find.

@anonymous can try to move the songs from your Zen Vision M to your PC and back to your X-Fi.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a total rip-off that this device is not DLNA compatible.
The only remote device it can exchange music with is a PC running the Creative Centrale software. Looks like Createive want to move down the same path as the evil iPod and lock you in to their applications, etc.
Please Creative, release a Firmware that is DLNA compatible and I may forgive you.
Great sound by the way (I have access to iPod Classics and Cowon D2) ranks better than the iPod and almost as good as the DS.

Ellorie said...

Is there a way to connect the Zen X-Fi to a different set of speakers?

(My car has an "audio input" plug, but I don't know what kind of cord I'd need to connect to it.)

Anonymous said...

Retract ripoff comment (anonymous).
I found that the DLNA server in my Buffalo NAS box did not work (something that took a lot of digging and denials from Buffalo). Loaded up Twonky Media Server on the NAS and lo and behold not only does the Zen now browse and download all my media wireless but I can also stream Internet radio over it. Battery life could be a little better when streaming WiFi (approx 2 hours continuous max) but for the price I am not complaining any more.

Anonymous said...

You will need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo plug cable. Basically a cable with the headphone socket at both ends.