Saturday, May 7, 2011

Creative releases ZEN Style M300 - compact Bluetooth MP3 player with microSD slot

Creative has updated its ZEN line of MP3 player with the low-end ZEN Style M300. The Bluetooth equipped MP3 player comes in 4 different colors (Black, White, Yellow and Red) and 3 capacities (4, 8 and 16GB). In terms of size, this is one of the smallest full feature player from Creative. It packs the usual bell and whistles you would expect from a Creative player: FM Radio, Photos, Videos and microSD expansion slot. The included Bluetooth feature of the player also allow you to wireless stream music to Creative's range of wireless speakers and headphones. In terms of pricing, the Style M300 is also about S$20 cheaper than the ZEN Style series. Also available is the ZEN style M100 (no Bluetooth, FM Radio). Creative says both players will be on sale in the middle of June.

ZEN Style M300 Press Release
ZEN Style M300 Product Page

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