Sunday, June 29, 2008

First look: Creative ZEN X-Fi

Rumours of Creative releasing a new player have been floating around for many months but as the company wasn't able to achieve a decent battery life to support the X-Fi feature on the player (among other teething problems), the release of the player have been delayed time and again.

Therefore, it is with bated breath that I annouce to you the leak of Creative latest player, the ZEN X-Fi. Here's what we know of the ZEN X-Fi so far:

1. First Creative player to feature its proprietary Xtreme-Fidelity sound technology. The X-Fi Crystalizer intelligently restores details that were lost during compression of audio files while the X-Fi Expand gives audio a realistic and natural feel by moving the sound away from your ears and repositions it in front of you - as if listening to a live performance on stage. X-Fi Expand works best with your earphones or headphones.

2. The in-built Wi-Fi allows you to chat with friends over via Yahoo! and MSN messenger and also play video/audio content off Creative "public media server" or your home server.

3. All new Creative Centrale - a better software solution for all your media needs. Best of all, it comes with a DVD ripper that helps u rip DVD content for your ZEN.

4. No more cheap bundled earphones for you. The new ZEN X-Fi comes with Creative latest noise cancellation in-ear earphone EP-830 worth $79 for your listening pleasure.

5. Long battery life - although unconfirmed, the ZEN X-Fi would have a longer battery life than the ZEN, which stands at 30 hours for audio and 5 hours for video.

6. Radio, Microphone, SD Card slot and built-in speaker.

7. Available in 8, 16 and 32GB.


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