Saturday, July 19, 2008

Singapore's hottest blogger adores the ZEN Stone Plus With built-in speaker

Singapore's hottest and most popular blogger Wendy Cheng ( named the ZEN Stone Plus with built in speaker as one of her "20 bestest purchases".

"Another good product! Despite the dumb name, this is a totally awesome MP3 player! $99 only! The best thing about it is that it has a really good speakerfor such a tiny player. I love to put the speaker to max volume and listen to disgusting Chinese pop songs. I don't care if other pool dwellers (usually noneas people got to work) don't like it. They can buy their own Stone Plus if they want!! Anyway, I don't use earphones at the pool because my hands are all oily!Batteries last for around 4 hours playing on the speaker, no problem. Better than iPod coz I don't need to use bloody iTunes to upload songs! (Drag and drop)."

Besides the ZEN Stone Plus, Wendy also owns a pink 30GB ZEN Vision: M and a pink SBS Vivid 60 speaker.

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