Friday, August 8, 2008

Cnet's First Look @ the ZEN Mozaic

The good: The Creative Zen Mozaic offers a unique design, great sound quality, and a sweet, customizable interface. It's packed with features such as an FM radio, a voice recorder, a built-in speaker, and photo and video support. The player is also an exceptional value.

The bad: The Zen Mozaic lacks dedicated volume controls and it only works with Windows XP and Vista. Videos must be transcoded with the included software.

The bottom line: The Creative Zen Mozaic offers great bang for your buck as far as MP3 players go: get super sound quality, a boatload of features, and a cool interface--all wrapped in a funky design at an ultralow price.



Mr.Mysterious said...

as i had said earlier kingone, marvelously kept blog, precise information, TRUE information.

What I do not understand, is why do the reviewers (c|net for eg.) list "videos have to be trans coded" in the cons section?
i mean creative has made the effort to provide the solution for it with their converter, and after all converting costs no money either :\

why does this requirement bother them so much?


Anonymous said...

what does it mean by "lacks dedicated volume controls"??

kingone said...

It means that there isn't any buttons that is specially allocated for controlling the volume. The up and down button on the ZEN Mozaic also acts as the volume control in the Now Playing Screen.