Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CNET reviews the Creative ZEN X-Fi

CNET's Jasmine France takes a look at the Creative ZEN X-Fi. She made a mistake at 1:05 where she said that the Premium EP-830 in-ear earphones are only bundled with the 16 and 32GB version. That is incorrect as all the versions - including the 8GB one - will have the EP-830 earphones.

The good: The Creative Zen X-Fi is an incredible value given its low price and laundry list of features, which include photo, video, Audible, and subscription music support; an FM radio and voice recorder; an SD card expansion slot; WiFi capability; multiple EQ settings; X-Fi sound enhancement technology; and upgraded EP-830 earphones. Sound quality is top-notch, the screen is lovely, and the rated battery life for audio is impressive.

The bad: The Creative Zen X-Fi plastic construction does not feel high-quality, and the SD card content does not get integrated into the general libraries. Videos often need to be transcoded through the included software, and the button pad can be confusing at first.

The bottom line: The Creative Zen X-Fi's plastic design leaves a little to be desired, but that doesn't detract from the fact that the player is an incredible value overall: for an extremely competitive price you get a boatload of features and great sound quality.


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