Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Round Up

Creative release a whole new range of Speakers, mainly for the GigaWorks and Inspire family. The GigaWorks T3 is its latest 2.1 speakers that features the Creative SLAM™ (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) technology and a eco-friendly Low Standby Power technology. The GigaWorks T20 & T40 series II is an upgrade of its older T20 & T40 which see its blue LED light removed from the front and an additional 2 Watts improvement for the T40. The Inspire T3200 (2.1) and T6200 (5.1) are the other two new mid-range speaker systems.

On 12 September, Creative also sent out a media teaser of a blurred X-Fi device with the caption "I Am Heard Everywhere." Many Creative fans were clearly excited thinking it would be a new PMP only to be disappointed to find out that the device was simply a Wireless X-Fi Notebook Sound Card. The Wireless X-Fi Notebook stream music wirelessly around the house with the help of the Creative Wireless Receiver.

Again, we look forward to the announcement of a new key Creative product this month.

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