Thursday, November 13, 2008

High Definition Vado says "Flip who?" [EXCLUSIVE]

The pocket video camera race just got hotter. Just after a day the Flip Mino goes HD, are we seeing a high definition Vado?

According to a user named "vado" (yes, no space for imagination there) on Vimeo, all his videos were recorded on "a very lightweight camera capable of taking HD quality footages". Compared to the videos released by the Flip Mino HD, these vado videos are way more spectacular with better audio recordings! If you need more convincing, just look at the video above of the first F1 night race in Singapore.

We're sure we will be seeing more of this up-coming product from Creative. Keep coming back for the latest on everything Creative!



Varuna Singh said...


Moorey said...

It sells for S$299 in Singapore soon. Specs not available yet.

Anonymous said...

that rocks!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like corporate tool to me.