Monday, December 8, 2008

Gearlog Vado HD Hands-on

Gearlog has just received a unit of the new Creative Vado HD and while a detailed write-up is up-coming, they did have some pics and thoughts to share on the new Vado.

-Power button raised for easy pressing
-Battery can be more easily removed
-Rear speaker looks larger (more holes)
-Silicone skin, HDMI, USB cables provided

The Vado HD is now shipping in the US for USD$199.99, a special price for a limited time. For this price, it is practically the most value for money pocket video camera in the market! Order yours today!

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Granadoespada said...

creative has new dolby headsets coming soon, its bundled with the local T3 speakers. They sound awesome any news on that? its the HQ- 1500