Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creative pulled out of IT Show 2009 [SG]

As I navigate my way through the crowd the moment the doors of IT Show 2009 open (trust me, early afternoon is the best time for this), I faithfully went in search of the Creative booth. But after almost an hour of futile searching and the lack of any indications of its presence on the floor plan, it suddenly dawn upon me that Creative is not at the show. This has to be the first time Creative has missed a computer exhibition in Singapore (there are 4 in a year) and considering that I have been to every one of them since the ZEN Micro days, that says alot. If you remember my previous post on Creative's booth at COMEX 2008, we knew for a fact that Creative has been cutting its budget for such shows drastically. I hope that they are simply gearing for something big in the coming months and would rather save all the money they can to launch the new product with a bang than to spend it on the computer show which might or might not generate alot of sales. Anyways, if you happen to go to the show tomorrow (it's at suntec city btw), do drop by the Creative Store at Marina Square which is due to re-open tomorrow.

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