Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creative learns from Vista, releases new Sound Blaster drivers for Windows 7

When Windows Vista was introduced, Microsoft has decided to remove the Hardware Abstraction Layer for DirectSound and DirectSound3D which rendered most of the functions of Creative's sound cards useless. Many of the sound cards at that time wasn't fully compatible with Vista and Creative was criticised for its slowness in creating a fix for Vista. This time round, Creative seem to have learnt it lesson well. When the beta version of Windows 7 was out, Creative also had its set of beta Sound Blaster drivers (although not immediately). Today, it releases a whole new beta set of drivers for the Creative Sound Blaster®, Audigy® and X-Fi® sound cards. Currently, the Creative ZEN series of MP3 players, Vado Pocket Video Cams and Live! webcams are already supported by Windows 7. Drivers for the older Creative products are expected at a later date. Creative has even created a unique URL for everything Windows 7 (http://support.creative.com/Windows7/). If you are still running on the beta version of Windows 7, do give these drivers a try and share with us your experience.

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小明 said...

I think you are amazing, having followed Creative all the way back ... and ur info is super up to date too. Keep it up !