Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Creative to release the "ZiiCard"? [April Fool's Joke]

In an exclusive over at epiZENter, ZiiLABS - a subsidary of Creative Technology - will release a brand new range (4GB for now) of SD cards called the ZiiCard. Although it looks like any other SD card, the ZiiCard is said to be 100times faster in the transferring of data. According to the same article, a new player is also slanted to be released in April and it will full "ZiiCard integration" For more news on the ZiiCard, pop over to epiZENter :)

Updated: You should know by now that the ZiiCard is Michael's April Fool's joke! Even I fell for it the first time I saw it but I guess the ZMS-40109 was a dead giveaway!

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