Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creative Ushers in a New Era of Pure Wireless Music

Well, well, what do we have here? Barely a week after unveiling its refreshed range of ZEN Style MP3 players, Creative announced not one, not two but three new wireless speaker system today. Taking the "Pure" branding campaign to a new level, Creative believe that wireless is the way to go when it comes to the speakers that we have grown so familiar with.

ZiiSound D5 – Flagship One-Piece Wireless Speaker System
  • Seamless wireless music streaming with any compatible stereo Bluetooth mobile phone, portable media player, netbook, notebook and just about every Bluetooth A2DP enabled device
  • Integrated AUX-In for connecting to other audio devices
  • Charges the iPhone and the iPod while docked
Creative D200 – One-Piece Best-in-Class Wireless Speaker System

  • Simplistic design and efficient amplifiers and precision drivers encased in a highly braced single shell chassis for a distortion-free soothing playback
  • apt-X — high performance low latency audio codec for superior stereo Bluetooth audio
  • Integrated AUX-In for connecting to other audio devices
Creative D100 – Wireless Boombox

  • Plays high quality wireless audio and controls** music with the iPhone, netbooks and other compatible Bluetooth mobile devices
  • Integrated AUX-In for connecting to other audio devices
  • The Creative D100 is powered by mains power supply or 4 widely available AA batteries
  • Choice of vibrant colors to suit different lifestyles
With the recent release of new products like the Aurvana In-ear2, HS-930i, ZEN Style, ZEN X-Fi Style and now the new range of wireless speakers, it seems that Creative might have decided to not pin its hope entirely on the Zii. As we all know, the Zii has been nothing but a disappointment for the whole Creative community. Of course we hope that we are proven wrong on this point, but March has came and gone and yet not a single news on any Zii product release. Ok, enough of Zii ranting here, read the entire press release after the jump.


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