Wednesday, July 23, 2008

World Exclusive: First look at the ZEN Mozaic

I'm not even done with the ZEN X-Fi review and Creative just released another media player. Not that I mind really, the ZEN Mozaic is said to be the player replacing the aging ZEN V series.


Capacity: 2Gb, 4Gb & 8GB
Built-in Speaker
1.8" TFT Display
Plays Music, Photo and Video
FM Radio
Voice Recorder

The ZEN Mozaic available in Black, Silver and Pink (which thankfully isn't available yet). It comes with installation CD, USB cable and earphones (which looks like the EP-480).

The surface of the ZEN Mozaic has a brush-metal-look but a rubberish-feel and is very scratch resistant. I would say it's made of the same material as the Creative Vado.

Like all new Creative players, the ZEN Mozaic also come in-built with a powerful speaker.

The mic for your voice recording is located at the top of the player.

It's 1.8" 64k TFT screen is larger than the ZEN V Plus 1.5" OLED screen. It also features the patented ZEN User interface.

The ZEN Mozaic is orientated with a 9 tactile buttons. The buttons are responsive and sturdy. They are styled exactly like its name implied - Mozaic-ly.


The ZEN Mozaic Vs the ZEN X-Fi.

The ZEN Mozaic is thin, light and fits comfortably in the hand.

We are the first to bring you a first look at Creative latest player. A walk through video of the ZEN Mozaic will be up soon. Look out for it!


Jared Jensen said...

Can't decide whether I like it or not.

Abed said...
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TerenceSKY said...

Was with kingone when we saw it at the Creative shop. I think it would be a good player! Too bad I don't have the budget for it though...

Anonymous said...

Even though Creative units tend to produce good quality sound, some of their design and marketing strategies leaves much to be desired.
The Zen V suffers serious lockups when uploading a large number of files. Most Zen units cannot display embedded images within mp3 files.
Their service strategy sucks with service and postal charges (totlaly free with Sansa). They've lost me as a customer!

Anonymous said...

What type of earphones would be needed for it?

Ula said...

Just bought it yesterday, wouldn't say that i am happy with it, I can only add 1 PLAYLIST in a 8gb player!!!