Monday, February 16, 2009

ZiiLABS Android Demo

Above is the ZiiLABS video demo of the Android platform running on its ZMS-05 chip. As you can see, compared to the current ZEN, photos load much faster even when magnified on the Android. You can also browse the web and magnify the site to your heart's content and the images will still not be pixielated. Finally, the demo also showcase the HD playback on the handheld device and also HD upscaling to 1280 x 720 resolution. It seemed pretty impressive but I would be more impressived if I had a chance to see it in real life. I applause the effort Creative is taking to promote the ZMS-05 chip at the various convention but nevertheless still feel a tab bit disappointed that they have yet to introduce an actual Creative Zii-based product. I guess this video gives you a hint of what Creative is up to with its next PMP.

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Creative Fan said...

On first look, it looks promising. But after I look at superior offerings from Nvidia, TI, Qualcomm, I think they are likely suffer the same fate as the Zen, that is you need to sell at low prices to get some sales and possibly get into the red again...The CEO should come out and talk to all stakeholders, the media about his new business model, not hiding behind the scene and expect people to come forth and buy their products.