Sunday, February 15, 2009

ZMS-05 to support the Android Platform

Creative's name has rarely been associated with open source, looking back at its disastrous X-Fi driver support for Linux and its players' limited success on Rockbox. In short, Creative like writing its own software and we all know where that has taken the company to today. Therefore, I can safely say that many of us were comforted to hear that the ZMS-05 chip from ZiiLabs will support the Android Platform. Although we do not know the full extent of the support (would it be the whole OS or simply part of it), we do know that the ZMS-05 will allow Android based handheld devices to playback 1080i HD videos. One of the biggest complain i heard about the G1 phone was its mediocre battery life. Many said they had to charge the phone daily before it runs out of juice. Therefore, if the ZMS-05 chip can live up to its claim of high energy efficiency, I can forsee HTC replacing the Qualcomm chip in the current G1 phones with the ZMS-05. And with phone companies like Samsung and LG intending to roll out its own Android phone, that can only be good news for ZiiLabs. We will wait till Monday to see the ZiiLabs Android Demo at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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