Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Creative's ZiiLABS files patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung and Apple

ZiiLABS Inc. - a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative today filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the United States against Samsung and Apple.

It alleged that both companies have infringed on 10 of ZiiLABS US patents in graphics, processor and 3D spaces in some of its product including the popular Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhone and iPods. According to Patently Apple, ZiiLABS has been in touch with Samsung's legal team since 2013 and Apple's legal team way back in 2006 on the above mentioned infringement. Yet both companies continue to willfully and deliberately infringe on ZiiLABS patents.  

This is not the first time Creative is initiating a lawsuit against Apple. In May 2006, Creative filed an injunction against Apple Computer Inc. over the use of its ZEN patent in the companies iPods. Both companies reached a settlement afew months later in August with Apple paying Creative a one time sum of USD$100 million. 

Creative must be really confident of its chances of winning in lawsuit by taking on both Apple and Samsung at the same time. If they do win, it could be a source of a much needed fund injection for the company.

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